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Tuomariesittely – Mark Cocozza

Mark began his involvement with pedigree dogs 40 years ago when he was 10 years old, exhibiting his first breed, afghan hounds. He began judging when he was 16 years old having passed afghan hound breed council judging exams and was also a finalist at the junior handling association finals in the same year. In 35 years of judging he has been approved to judge the hound, utility and toy group and best in show at championship show level in the uk. Iin addiition he is approved to judge in breeds across the hound, utility, toy, working and terrier groups. Mark has judged extensively over the world including at many national all breed “winners shows” and also at any national specialties in various breeds. He has judged at crufts on numerous occasions and will be judging the hound group in 2020. He has judged at other notable prestigious shows, including sydney royal, helsinki winners and bis at santa barbara kennel club in the usa.
Mark has owned/bred around 20 uk champions across afghan hounds, miniature wire haired dachshunds, pbgv’s, ibizan hound’s, tibetan terrier and a french bulldog. These included multi group winners and bis winner ch araki fabulous willy who later went onto win bis crufts 2007.
Mark was involved in various show committees and was show manager of houndshow, the largest hound show in the world for 15 years. He also served as chairman of the afghan hound association, the uk parent club and oldest registered afghan hound club in the world.
He has until recently been an elected director of the board of the kennel club in the uk and served in that capacity for over 6 years. He is currently chairman of it’’s finance committee and played an integral part in some recent radical changes to the uk dog scene.