Online entry system register
Privacy statement

1. register document and privacy policy
This is privacy policy based Personal Data Act (10 § and 24 §) and General Data Protection Regulation. (Updated 7.10.2020)

1.1. Controller
Showlink Oy
Business id: 0902225-7
Lanttikatu 2
02770 Espoo

1.2. Contact person in matters concerning the register
Erika Paqvalin-Skurnik
Showlink Oy
Lanttikatu 2
02770 Espoo

1.3. Register name
Showlink Oy online entry system register

1.4. Purpose for data handling
The purpose of processing necessary personal data is handling dog show entries, contacts and other the online entry system purposes. The information is not used for marketing purposes.

1.5. Contents of register
Register contains information about
– name
– address
– phone number
– e-mail address
– name of dog’s other owners

1.6. Information source
Information given by a person by the time of entry.

1.7. Transfer of information
Showlink Oy does not transfer information contained in the register to third parties.
The information provided to us will not be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

1.8. Data protection guidelines
Gathered information is stored in Showlink Oy online entry system register databases which are protected by passwords and other technical measures.
The servers are located in locked and protected rooms. Access to the information is based on personal usernames and passwords.

1.9. Right to inspect
Data subjects have the right to check what personal data concerning them has been recorded to the register. Data subjects can update and revise their personal data and demand rectification of incorrect data concerning them. Request of inspection, revision or rectification can be made by sending a written and signed request concerning the matter. The request is addressed to the contact person in matters concerning the register.

1.10. Revision of information
The controller will set straight, delete or add to any personal data in the register that concerning the usage is faulty, unnecessary, inadequate, or out of date. This will be done unprompted or by the demand by the registered person who must contact the registrar.

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