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Welcome to Mynämäki All Breed Dog Show 14.-15.8.2021!

Show will be held outdoors at Mynämäen urheilukeskus
Address: Urheilutie 6, Mynämäki

On Saturday 14.8. - FCI groups 2, 5, 6, 7, 9
On Sunday 15.8. - FCI groups 1, 3, 4, 8, 10
Also puppies ( 7-9 months) and Junior Handler competition.

Please note! Dogs under the age of 7 months are not allowed on the show venue.

No group competitions are held at this show.
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Information about entries in English
info(at) or +358 9 8873 0320

Other information (också på svenska, also in English)
Marika Kuusisto
+358 40 410 8812


List of judges has been updated 17.6.2021.
Online-entry has been opened.

Closing dates for entries are 28.6. / 13.7. / 20.7. (14.-20.7. only online-entries.)

On-line entry : -> ONLINE ENTRY

When you enter your dog via the Showlink online entry, the entry fee will be paid with credit card (or via web bank, if you are a resident in Finland). Please DO NOT pay in advance. You will have a confirmation email sent by online system within an hour after succesful entry. If you don't get email then please contact Showlink for more information:

Entry by post:
Use Finnish Kennel Club's entry form.

Send your entries to the address:

Mynämäki KR 14.-15.8
PL 50
02771 ESPOO

Entry fees until 28.6.
1st dog 35€ 
2nd etc. dog of the same owner 32€ 
puppies and veterans 28€
Junior Handler 10 €

Entry fees 29.6.-13.7.
1st dog 42€ 
2nd etc. dog of the same owner 40€ 
puppies and veterans 30€
Junior Handler 10 €

Entry fees 14.-20.7. (only online-entry)
50€ /dog
Junior Handler 10 €

Payments from abroad, if entry is sent by post:
FI65 1691 3000 0118 13
Elonäyttely 2021

To enter in championclass a championship certificate is needed.
To enter in working class a WCC (working class certificate) is needed.
If mentioned certificates are missing, the dog will be automatically entered in "Open Class". Please, send copies to before entry time is closed, with show and dog's information, if copies are not attached to entry form or online-entry.

Please note!
The copy or receipt of the payment must be enclosed with the entry forms if entry is sent by post. Entry forms without a copy of the receipt attached will be returned!

Since 1.1.2001 all the dogs that are participating at the show must be identified by a microchip or clearly readable tattoo. Microchip must be in accordance with ISO 11784/11785 Standard.

Cropped and docked dogs
Cropped and docked dogs born after 1.1.2001 are not allowed to participate shows held in Finland.

Vaccination instructions for the Show
The show is subject to the vaccination directions approved by the Finnish Kennel Club. The organizers are obliged to inspect vaccination certificates for all dogs taking part.
Please, check the custom regulations for importing dogs to Finland. Check also your own country's regulations when turning back.