Siirry sisältöön

Tuomariesittely – Massimiliano Mannucci (Italia)

Sir Massimiliano Mannucci, 56 years old, Knight of the Italian Republic for cynological merits, around 90th he has breed Bloodhound, winning all over Europe several nationals and internationals titles including European and World championships. Gold medal as best Italian breeder. He writes books and technical articles about dogs and romances. After having studied at the Berkeley’s University in San Francisco, he has worked in Veterinarian University in Pisa, now studying at the newest University course in Pisa (Italy) only for dog sciences. Starting to judge in 1992 for E.N.C.I (The Italian kennel club) and F.C.I., he has judged in club shows, nationals and internationals shows in 4 continents.

As ex-breeder of American Staffordshire, I'm pleased to have judged what I call "my breed" in the main Specialties all over Europe and in Australia at the American Staffordshire Club show on 2011 and 2018 and proudly at the Terrier Specialty at the World dog show in Stockholm. I’m involved also in working dogs since many years and I’ve started to train my Amstaff  for trials, receiving the IPO 3.  I appreciate the working breeds and studied them, and got in touch with many breeders, in Italy and abroad. Specialist also of 6th group (hound group), as unique Italian specialist for Bloodhound and Rhodesian ridgeback, I also love to judge proudly all the Italian breeds. Judging them in International shows, specialty and club show, first in Italy and then abroad appreciating the differences of breeding in many Countries, from long I judge the 3rd and 4th gr and from few years also all 10th gr. I’ve had the chance to judge the main important shows and club shows all over the Europe, including the Swedish winner, Baltic winner, Eurodogshow, Russian Jubilee in Moscow, Danish bulldog club show, and the Eastern Whippet Club show in Sydney, Abba specialty in New Zealand, World dog show in Milano on 2015 and many others, often holding seminars on movement, biomodelism and others specific to some breeds. I’ve also have had the great honor to judge the 1st Mexican French bulldog club show in Mexico City. I'm an approved Fci Best in show from several years.