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Tuomariesittely – Gabriela Veiga

I was “ in “ dogs all my life  - I came from a “doggy” family  :  my mother owned and  bred horses and Greyhounds. Later on, I started showing my own Basset hounds in 1980.

In the mid 80’s I acquired my first Whippets and with these I started  my own kennel name with the prefix “Pizons”.  Later on, I also owned Italian Greyhounds, 2 Greyhounds , 1 Borzoi  and 3 Chihuahuas.

I was a ring steward for nearly 20 years before applying to be a judge , but I finally became a judge in 1999 , starting, of course, with FCI Group 10.

Nowadays I judge also Group 5 and Group 9, and part of Group 2.

Having lived many, many years with my husband’s Portuguese Podengos, I finally capitulated and fell in love with the Pequeno Smooth  variety  and started breeding this variety under my own kennel name since 2005.

It has been a real pleasure and adventure to have  judged in many countries and several continents , as well as many Speciality Club Shows and Festivals throughout the world .

I have also been involved in several breed clubs, and I was a member of the Portuguese Kennel Club Show committee for several years.  Nowadays I belong to the Technical Committee of the Portuguese Podengo  Club and, in this capacity, I have held Seminars for judges and breeders in several countries.

- Gabriela Veiga -