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Tuomariesittely – Felicity Thompson

I have been lucky enough to have been born into a family of avid dog lovers, from birth raised with Irish Wolfhounds, Afghans, Whippets & Greyhounds.  I have been exhibiting from a very early age in the childrens handling class and later on from teenage years progressing to breeding and exhibiting my own whippets and Greyhounds, with the addition in more recent years of Ibizan Hounds & Borzoi.  My family and I have been very successful with our Barnesmore hounds with now well over 110 homebred champions, as well as multi champions in over 14 different countries world wide.  I have my aunt Margaret & mother Lucinda to thank for their incredible knowledge, passion, dedication and support in continued line-breeding to ensure that the quality, health and soundness of our hounds are preserved for future generations.   I have been judging for over 25 years now and am FCI passed for all Group 10 and Group 6 breeds, progressing in Group 5, as well as a judge for Whippet CCs in UK .  I thoroughly enjoy judging and have been very fortunate to have judged in over 14 different countries.  Thank you for the judging invitation and I very much look forward to judging at your show.  

Felicity Thompson