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Tuomariesittely – Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki

There has always been dogs and other pets in my home and my early childhood was spent with a Rough Collie for company. I first came in touch with the dog breeding and showing activities through our next door neighbour, whose kennel has introduced the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, the Otterhound and the Basset Fauve de Bretagne in Finland.Every now and then I trimmed and handled the first expecimens of these breeds even if my skills were limited as I was just a kid. In 1979 I got my first West Highland White Terrier who was to become my foundation bitch. The first litter was born in 1982 and my prefix ”PERHAPS” was registered when I came of age in 1987. So far I have bred almost 60 champions in WHWTs, In addition, I have owned many West Highlands not bred by myself that I have made up including the bitch World Winner of 2014. Eight different dogs either bred or owned by me have won the title ”Westie of the Year” or ”Top Westie” in Finland or abroad. Many of them being group, speciality or Best in Show winners. ”PERHAPS”-dogs of both breeds have been exported to 15 different countries. In the 1980´s I had the opportunity to work as a kennel assistant for breeders in many countries. I got also familiar with the Airedale terriers, Fox terriers and especially the Norfolk terriers. During 1989-1990 I did my national service at the Guerilla Squad of the Kainuu Brigade as a War Dog Handler. 1991 brought along my first Scottish terrier from France and since then I have been devoted to the breed. The late Scottie breeder Raija Järvinen was a dear friend and my mentor ever since the beginning of my career in dogs. We also shared the same interest as we both were earning our living as the owners of grooming parlours. I have groomed and presented over 140 champions of different breeds and handled dogs from all groups. In 1992 I received the highest honour awarded by the Finnish Kennel Club for succesful breeding; the Vuolasvirta –Prize. I am the youngest recipient of the prize in history of its existance. In 1996 I was awarded the Golden Medal of Merit for succesful breeding by the WHWT Club of Finland and later also the Golden Plaque by the Finnish DogBreeder’s Association and the Terrier Club of Finland. I have the silver badge of the Finnish Kennel Club. The first litter of Scottish Terriers in my kennel was born in 2000. Since then we have had great success in the East andthe West. I have bred well over 40 Champions worldwide of this breed including Top Scotties in Russia, Ukraine and Italy and a Best of Breed Winner at the Scottish Terrier Association of America’s Speciality in Montgomery out of 170 scotties! Alongside with breeding and showing I have taken an active part in club activities:for instance, as a member,and over ten years as a chairman,of the breeder´s council of WHWT Club of Finland. At present I act as an instructor for aspirant judges for West Highland and Scottish terriers. I began my training to become a judge in 1998 and in the following June I was qualified to judge West Highlands. At the moment I am passed for FCI groups 3, 6 and 9 entirely and also many breeds from groups FCI 1 , FCI 2 , FCI5, FCI8 and FCI10. Until now I have had judging appointments besides Finland, in Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, France,Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Hungary, Ireland ,Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia,Slovenia,Spain,Sweden, Ukraine and Czech Republic. I look forward with great interest to Your show.