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Tuomariesittely – Francisco Salvador Janeiro

Francisco Salvador Janeiro

Professional Occupation
Professor of Ed Física Psico-motricidade

International Judge, FCI, AKC
Juiz de Todas as Raças (all breeds ): 2008
Kennel’s name: CasaBranca 1976
Director of  BRAGA International/National Dog Show (Northern Portugal) from 2005 and Alto Minho / PONTE DE LIMA International / National Dog Show from 2015

Breeder: Dobermann (1978-1999); Cao de Agua Português (1983-1993); Mini pincher ( 2004-2011).

I was born in Alentejo, a nostalgic and beautiful region, sparsely populated, beautiful landscape, where one can see the flat land covered by yellow wheat fields in extremely hot summer days. Alentejo in the south of Portugal, is the region where the beloved Cao Rafeiro do Alentejo comes from. Such a breed is still very popular among people from this region; also my grand parents owned and breeded Cao Rafeiro do Alentejo.

However, my history as a breeder started with a Doberman!. Once, I decided to get a puppy and brought it into my place. At that time, a Dobermann was looked at as a dangerous dog and a few people would accept to have it living together with little children in the house. I decided to get the puppy Dobermann into my home and tell that I had found himt lost in the street. That seemed to be the best excuse I could figure out so that the dog would be accepted and welcome at home. Thanks God, the Dobermann puppy turned out being an adorable character, and soon was it loved by everyone. The next step was to find consensus within the family to breed my own Dobermann, what happened soon, under CASA BRANCA Kennel’s name.

As a breeder, I conquered several awards both with Dobermann and Portuguese Water Dog, as well as I was warded with the trophy for the Best Breeder of Iberic Breeds (Portuguese and Spanish Breeds).

I became a judge in 1986 and I stopped showing my dogs, myself, ever since. In 2011 I had my last litter of Mini Pinsher and I stopped breeding.

Countries where I have judged

BIS Judge

Europe: Belgian, Belarus, Croacia, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Holland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Romenia, Russia, (Eurasia and President Cup), Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Ucrania,Poland, Asia:, Cazaquistan, Thailand, Vladivostock,  U.S.A (diversos estados).South Africa.(Joanesburgo)  Brazil (dobermann ) Petropolis, S. Paulo e Maceio
European Championship (Portugal); World Championship (Portugal; Finland); Winners Championship (Stockolm e Helsinki); Estonian Champion of the Year 2018; Irish Pup of the Year 2018

Portuguese Kennel Club  and Breed Club´s Managing Positions

2018 …Member of Judge Committee of the Portuguese Kennel Club
2018 …Member of the Portuguese Breeds Committee of the Portuguese Kennel Club
2017-… – President of the Portuguese Club of Golden Retriever
2012-2013 – President of the Portuguese Dobermann Association
2006- – Chairman of Portuguese Association of Castro Laboreiro
2004- Board member of Portuguese Water Dog; (tresor)
2004 -2009-Member of Portuguese American Statffordshire Association (general assembly)
2003-2006 - Member of the Judge Committee in the Portuguese Kennel Club
1995- Honorarium President of the Doberman Club, recognised by IDC
1990-1996 - Representative for Portuguese Agility Commission in the FCI;
Member and Director of the Working Dog Commission;
Director in charge for the working, water trial, and agility dogs committee of the   Portuguese Kennel Club.
1987/1996 - Vice President of Portuguese Kennel Club
1985/1992 - Vice President of Portuguese Water Dog Association
1985/ 2005 - President of Dobermann Portuguese Association

Leisure Activity

2004 and 2011 - Reviewer and translator of the Royal Canin Encyclopaedia
1983/1993 - Journalism - Responsible for a Dogs Heading in a Portuguese daily newspaper, Correio da Manhã
Author of articles in dog related reviews

Languages: Spanish, French; English