Our dog show in Tampere 2.-3.5.2020 has been cancelled.


NOTICE 27.5.2020


Showlink has today sent email with instructions for applying for a refund of entry fee.


Thank you for your patience!

Have a nice summer and stay healthy!

With kind regards
Show Committee



NOTICE 17.4.2020


Dear exhibitors
We estimated in the end of March that our investigations regarding the cancellations of our shows would be done by mid-April, so that we could decide on the entry fee amounts reimbursed to exhibitors. Unfortunately, our estimation turned out to be a little bit too optimistic.

The largest expense item yet to be resolved are the cancellation costs of judges’ flights and the possible refunds received for these. The Show Committee was therefore unable to decide on the amount refunded to exhibitors on its meeting held on 16.4.2020.

Our new estimation is that the unsolved questions regarding the cancellation of our shows are answered by the beginning of May. The goal is to send an information letter to our exhibitors in mid-May. Our Facebook page and website are updated as soon as we have new information.

Thank you again for your patience and good health to you all!


With kind regards
Show Committee


NOTICE 17.03.2020


The Show Committee has investigated the possibility of postponing the Nordic Dog Show and International Dog Show in Tampere to next fall. Unfortunately, we have discovered that the postponement is not an option and that we have no other option but to cancel our shows altogether.


We want to thank all exhibitors, junior handlers, traders, sponsors, judges, ring stewards, and volunteering clubs who would been there making this event happen. We apologize for having to cancel!


Next, we investigate the unresolved questions regarding the cancellation of shows as well as practical matters. We will give out more information as soon as we have anything to inform about.


With kind regards
Show Committee




NOTICE 13.03.2020
The Board of the Finnish Kennel Club decided on 12th March 2020 on measures aiming to stop the spreading of coronavirus, COVID-19. All dog shows, trials, and competitions as well as other events organised by the Finnish Kennel Club are cancelled until 31st May 2020.


We will give out more information on how the cancellation affects our dog show on the show’s website.

More information about the decision can be found on the Finnish Kennel Club’s website.


With kind regards
Show Committee



2.5.2020 Tampere Nord All Breed Dog Show
3.5.2020 Tampere International Dog Show


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