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Costanza Mozzillo

Kennel name : Di Monnagiò
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Language     Italian , English
Law and Economics Teacher , retired

I was born in Como and my Family has always had several purebreed dogs so I was born among them and I always lived with them.

I began my carreer in dogs with kaninchen smoothair dachshunds, under the kennel name Di Monnagiò, 2006.

Giò was the name of my first dachshund, and I choose it for my F.C.I. registered kennel name.

My first litter of Giò gave me European Beauty Champion in Barcelona, 2004, and I had other WDS champion 2015 and EDS champion 2019 , National and international champions , despite of the few number of puppies.

I tought law and economics for a long time in secondary school ; my mission was to teach not only my discipline, but the respect for all sensitive subjects, discovering canine ethology.

I am an FCI judge for group 4°, 5°, 10° and for quite all Italian Breeds .

As dachshund judge, I was invited to judge in many National, International, Club Show and Special of breed exhibitions in Italy, Russia, Hungary and France .

After a long pause due to pandemic, on September 18th 2021, I was invited for judging dachshund breed on MTO Janos Markze Memorial and National Club Show in Hungary.

On 2022 I was invited for judging Bundessiegher / club show in Austria and, great honour for me, Welt Union Teckel in Czec Republic.

Breeding is my favourite activity and I enjoy my litters as long as possible….., but I’m proud to show my dachshunds on the ring, handled by me, because, on my opinion, it increase judging view and tecnic.